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Consumer and Commercial Bankruptcy Services in Dallas, TX

Recovering from serious debt is possible with my bankruptcy services in Dallas, TX. I understand how stressful it can be when you find yourself in debt. Anxiety and fear begin to take hold, and you don’t know what you should do. It doesn’t have to be that way. This mindset can be detrimental to your finances, your health, and your relationships. Instead of worrying unnecessarily, utilize my expertise.

Here at Nicoud Law, I have been practicing bankruptcy law in the State of Texas for more than 30 years. I’ve successfully assisted numerous clients over the years, and I’m confident I can help you too. I’ll guide you through the complex process of filing for bankruptcy and climbing out of debt.

Types of Bankruptcy

The many different chapters of bankruptcy can be overwhelming. You might not know where to start, and that’s okay. I’m here to assist you with the entire bankruptcy process. With my help, you’ll be able to determine the right type of bankruptcy that fits your situation:

Chapter 7: The Chapter 7 Bankruptcy requirements include overwhelming debt, a mismatch between income/assets and debts, and experiencing creditor harassment.

Chapter 13: The Chapter 13 Bankruptcy requirements include the potential loss of your home, the ability to catch up with payments if given time, and delinquent taxes issues.

Complex: When you have too many debts, not enough income, and an inability to repay existing debts, your case may be outside the norm, but I welcome the challenge.

When you decide it’s time to declare bankruptcy I’ll be ready to take on your case. I’ll put in place an “automatic stay” injunction, preventing creditor harassment, foreclosure, and the seizing of your property, until the filing is complete. By the time that happens, you and I will have either discharged your debt, or created a payment plan.

The Expert in Bankruptcy Law

I will assist you in deciding which chapter of bankruptcy fits your situation. Each type offers specific advantages for filers, depending on the circumstances. I’ll provide you with comprehensive counsel to help you reclaim your finances, whether you are the debtor or the creditor.

I know there are cases where creditors require a bankruptcy attorney. If you are a creditor, I can represent you and ensure you receive the proper compensation. I’ll help you contest the inclusion of specific debt in a bankruptcy filing, as long as there is a good reason.

Contact us to find out more about my bankruptcy services. We proudly serve clients in Dallas, Texas, and offer nationwide consultations.