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Plans for Complex Bankruptcy Cases in Dallas, TX

Bring your heaviest financial issues to Nicoud Law, and I’ll come up with solutions for even the most complex bankruptcy cases in Dallas, TX. Sometimes debt can become too immense, or your income can be too high to file for bankruptcy. When it seems as though your case does not fit any of the traditional bankruptcy chapters, don’t give up hope. Allow an experienced lawyer to look over your case, and I’ll determine the best way to help you.

As a Board Certified bankruptcy attorney, I possess the knowledge and expertise to handle any financial situation that is outside the traditional modes. I understand that even high-earning individuals can have financial difficulties. I have the ability to develop plans for non-traditional situations.

High-Income Bankruptcy Plans

At Nicoud Law, I thrive on challenge. My history and reputation have been built on my unique ability to tackle even the most complex bankruptcy cases. These types of cases can be identified by an individual owing too much debt, while simultaneously having an income that is too high to be eligible for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and too low to make the proper payments. These specific circumstances are unusual and recovering from the debt can be difficult but not impossible.

High-income bankruptcy cases can be further complicated by issues such as a single spouse filing for bankruptcy or a creditor filing a lawsuit. While these pressures may seem overwhelming, there’s no need to stress. I’ll take your case, discuss your situation with you in detail, and help you craft a comprehensive custom bankruptcy plan. My goal is assisting you in achieving complete financial freedom, no matter how complex your case appears.

Dedicated Bankruptcy Attorney

Regardless of your background, I am prepared to solve any financial situation, no matter how complex it is. I am eager to take on whatever challenge you present to me. With my expertise, I can help you overcome the hurdles necessary to reach debt relief. With my high success rate in complex cases, you can have confidence that financial freedom is possible.

Rely on an experienced bankruptcy attorney for your most complicated cases. I possess more than 30 years of bankruptcy law experience, and I have held Board Certification since 1991. You can trust that you have the most qualified lawyer handling your complex bankruptcy case.

Contact us to find out how I solve complex bankruptcy cases. We proudly serve clients in Dallas, Texas, and offer nationwide consultations.